Another call for hardware.

Garrett Goebel garrett at
Thu Jul 1 15:39:29 CDT 2004

Jason Clinton wrote:
> We have gotten the domain transfered to Hal; Walt Lane
> has given us 1U of rackspace + bandwidth, Bill Cavaleri
> has offered a low profile P3-800 + hard drives but we
> don't have a 1U case and we need to do this soon as
> Netstandard is expecting us to install.
> So, again... who has a 1U?

If no one has one to donate, why don't you go to and pick the
most affordable thing that's from a OEM you'd trust.

I'll match donations toward it up to $50.

This makes me want to scratch the UML itch. For some time, I've had the
desire to see if I could find enough interested parties to put together a
high availability UML cooperative that'd give all co-conspirators a
dedicated UML server. Something along the lines of:

And with an eye toward the availability, load balancing, and failover
benefits of clustering by pooling expertise and resources on things like
email, dns, database, etc.  Common resources that we as individuals could
fall back on when we don't want to roll our own solution on our UML


P.S. Assuming for redundancy and failover that we could get rackspace +
bandwidth at more than one location... I'd be willing to donate considerable
more time and matching $$$ on such a project.

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