From: Adam J. Richter (
Date: 03/17/93

From: (Adam J. Richter)
Subject: Re: Linux Foundation
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1993 21:03:06 GMT

In article <> writes:
>In this case, I shy away from telling anyone what to do. I have a sug-
>gestion, though: Create a base Linux release that's stable enough for
>commercial purposes, then offer service contracts for institutions that
>want regular maintenance and updates, or who want special programming
>jobs done. A Cygnus type arrangement.

        I've been asking a few people who are connected with potential
customers for this sort of thing what they think about commercial support
for the Yggdrasil Linux/GNU/X ("LGX") distribution from authors of the
software on the CDROM. I've also asked a couple of Linux contributors
who shall for the moment remain nameless, and they were quite enthusiastic
about possibly being able to support themselves by working on Linux in
this way. I'd be interested in hearing from other Linux developers
who would like to be involved in this sort of project if it gets off
the ground.

        As always, if you are the author of any software on the LGX beta
release, you can get a free copy.

        This is not to say that you will have to work for Yggdrasil
if you want to provide support for LGX. On the contrary, I want to
encourage third party support vendors and I will even do things like
promoting them with a listing in the manual, selling them advertising,
and doing other types of cooperative marketting. I think that a more
open market in support is an important selling point for a free operating
system in the business world.

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