From: Adam J. Richter (
Date: 11/25/92

From: (Adam J. Richter)
Subject: Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: Alpha release Linux/GNU/X unix clone on CDROM for PC's
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1992 16:23:39 GMT

In article <> (Joel M. Hoffman) writes:
>In article <> (Adam J. Richter) writes:
>> I am now taking orders for the alpha release of my company's
>>Linux/GNU/X distribution on CDROM. Linux is an AT&T-free unix clone
>>for 386/486-class PC compatibles. The CDROM is an ISO-9660 filesystem,
>>so you can look at it from DOS, other unix boxes, and even Macintoshes.
>>The distribution includes:
>> o Linux 0.98.1 kernel,
>> o X windows (v11r5) for VGA displays with support
>> for higher resolutions such as 1024x768 256 colors using
>> the ET4000, ET3000, Paradise, or Genoa chip sets,
>> and the standard Xlib/Xt development environment,
>> o GNU utilities, including GNU C and C++, the GNU
>> debugger, bison, flex, GNU make,
>> o TeX and groff typesetting packages,
>> o Ghostscript: a postscript interpreter that can drive
>> a variety of printers and also display in an X
>> window,
>> o elvis and GNU emacs text editors,
>> o kermit 5A telecommunications program, and
>> o an installation script that uses the extended
>> filesystem, which supports long filenames and
>> symbolic links just like the BSD file system,
>> o iso9660 filesystem with support for the Rock Ridge
>> extensions for reading CDROM's (used by this
>> CDROM distribution),
>> o lots of other useful programs too numerous to mention.
>Does this include both source and binaries for the above? E.g., do
>you include the complete TeX package, w/ source, and also the

        The 100MB of /usr/src on the CDROM contains a lot of this
stuff, but the alpha version also is missing a lot of sources which
will be in the beta or production release.

        Here is a list of which of the packages have source included
on the alpha CDROM:

                Package Source included on alpha release?

                Kernel YES
                X windows NO (XFree86 diffs and R5 fixes are
                                    included, though)
                GNU C/G++/gdb YES
                GNU utilities YES
                TeX NO (although texinfo, dvi2xx, dvips
                                    and tranfig are.)
                groff YES
                elvis NO
                emacs YES
                kermit YES
                instal script (YES, it's a shell script.)
                iso9660 fs YES (in fact there is a snapshot of

        The main limitation that I had to deal with in the alpha
release was that a tar file of the initial CDROM filesystem had to
fit on my 200MB disk. I won't have this limitation when I cut the
beta release, so /usr/src will be much more complete. It is my
intention to eventually be able to build the CDROM by saying
"cd /usr/src ; make install".

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